Why should you include ALOE VERA in your daily life?

“The plant of a thousand benefits” or Aloe Vera is a special plant with long green leaves that contain a special gel with 200 different nutrients for your body.

This gel is made up 99% from water & contains vitamins (B1, B2, C, E…), amino acids (Prolyne, Glicine,..) minerals (like for instance, calcium & zinc), Saccharides (Glucose, for an example) & Trace elements (as Manganese & Calcium).

Before proceeding to know our Forever Living products based on Aloe Vera, we want you to know some of the benefits of this particular plant.

● This plant is your skin’s best friend, as it has many wound healing properties by promoting circulation and cell regeneration. It’s very useful when it comes to treating minor or severe burns. Moreover, Aloe Vera is a great moisturizer and a great remedy against skin’s acne.

● It benefits your immune system and works as a complement to increase your body’s defenses, thanks to its high content of Carricina.

● Your body and hair would appreciate the use of this plant. First of all, it improves the quality of your hair and gives it a special shine. Furthermore, it frees your body of toxic substances, regenerates stem cells, and has laxative effects against constipation.

Forever Living Products

From where does our gel proceed?

Our Aloe Vera gel comes from our crops in the Dominican Republic, USA, and Mexico. Each stage of the process from planting, extraction, and production to distribution of products is supervised by experts, who guarantee the preservation of 98% of the benefits of Aloe Vera.

Why Forever Living?

Forever Living Products are an example of how we can rely on nature to lead a healthy lifestyle and preserve ourselves over the years.

More about us:
Our company has 35 years of experience, and many different smaller companies (Forever Nutraceutical, Forever Direct EU, Forever Living Products International, …)

We have more than 200 products distributed internationally and we are a world leader in direct sales.

We have high expectations for the future and we believe that anyone interested in personal health and well-being will be interested in our products as well.

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